02 October 2011

Tutorial 1: Cute Cardi from an Old T-Shirt

Tutorial 1: Cute Cardi

How to Transform your Fave Old T-Shirt into a Unique Cardigan

You will need:

One t-shirt that you're OK with transforming.... This one is my old Snoopy t-shirt, very much loved, but is now a bit too tight all over for it to look nice.

1 meter ribbon, approx 1 inch wide, in a color that matches your t-shirt.

Optional: 1 meter lace for trim

Step One
Cut the front layer only, straight up the middle, you can see the cut-lines in this one.  Also 'round' up the corners by the collar just like I have done in this pic below.

Step Two

Hem up right around starting at the bottom on one side, with a 1" seam (2.5cm).  See the pics below, sew from the bottom of the t-shirt, do NOT sew along where I've put in the red dotted lines.  You need this open so you can thread the ribbon through.  I folded the collar inside rather than cutting it off first.

Step Three
Add some pretty lace if you like.  I also cut the arm-holes at the bottom of them to make them bigger.  This is just because the sleeves are too tight for me.  If the t-shirt is a perfect fit on you or slightly too big, you won't need to do anything to the sleeves.


Step Four
Thread the ribbon through the seam (where the dotted lines are in pic of Step Two) and voila!  T-shirt transformed! :)

If you have a large bust, try using a t-shirt that is loose on you or a size bigger than you would usually wear.

Well done :)


  1. Cute!!! Good to see you at the sewing table! :D


  2. this is really cute! LOve the lace around the edges.


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