23 April 2014


This is not a post about how to exercise patience.

I really have no choice in my life right now other than to be patient.  Ok, if I'm honest with myself, there are several other options; I could choose to mope about, I could choose to be a depressing person to be around, or to dwell on the distance between my husband and I, or I could choose to be resentful.  I could choose a lot of negativity right now.

But I choose joy.  In that, I am in turn, patient.

I'm choosing to focus on every day as it comes:
Loving my son in the way 1 Corinthians 13 describes love.  Praying.  Reading my Bible.  Praying with my son.  Singing thanks-giving songs.  Talking with my husband (skype/email).  Talking with my son about his Daddy.  Being thankful for every good thing in my life right now.  Being a joy to be around, making others smile and going out of my way to do nice things for others.

If I'm still honest, I'm not 100% perfect at doing everything on that list diligently.  But I try to do it with integrity.  Where I fail one day, the next day I'll work on it.

My life circumstances are pretty unusual right now.  Not a lot of people have been in the same boat, but some have, and that's helpful.

We're in the 'process' of moving to another country.  It really is a process.  Step by step, day by day.

My husband is in that other country, job hunting, setting up, finding an awesome church.  Our son and I are waiting for immigration visas to be processed.  It could take a few more months yet, we don't know exactly when we'll all be together again.  But we will, and that's how long we'll wait.

Choosing joy, purposefully.


16 April 2014

Toddler scarves

On the hook lately, a bunch of toddler scarves.  So very simple - two granny squares, joined together to make a tube with one round of single crochet around the edges to finish.

I bought some yarn from loveknitting, the first order you make has free postage - an offer I couldn't refuse.  The yarn above is King Cole 'Riot' double knitting, shade 408, 30%wool, 70% premium acrylic and I used a 4.5mm hook.  I've also got a couple of balls of thicker yarn (the same King Cole) in another colour which I'll show off another day.

I love the way the colour changes slowly and has a nice metallic look.  It's so soft and is very easy to crochet.

Still no word on our immigrant visas yet.  I'm not surprised by that at all, the wait time is about 5.5 months now and we're only 2.5 months along.  I'm seriously missing my man who is all the way over in Arizona, he's seriously missing us too.  We're hanging in there, skyping often, emailing always.


13 April 2014

Five Years

My husband and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary the other day via skype, 12,000+ kilometres apart.

Sad, but awesome at the same time.  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

I love you more than ever, my Babe!  I'm happily looking forward to the next 5 years with my best friend.

For anyone wondering, the photo above was our one and only beach photo.  We were planning on getting amazing photos take in the sand dunes at Oreti Beach, Invercargill.  The weather (obviously) had other plans.

See all those white dots over my husband's suit?  Rain.  See everything else?  Wind.  See the car beside us?  Any further from it and we would have been blown away.  It was freezing!


11 April 2014

I'm back!

Oh, hello there!!

Yes.  I'm back.  I've had a break and now I feel like I have caught my breath.

I think I have.

I've been busy.  Mostly running around after a toddler who is testing the boundaries in this new home.  Really.  Testing.  Those boundaries.  Sheesh.

This last week, however, I think we are finally finding our routine.  I think Little Lion is appreciating some routine and a more chilled-out Mama, too.

Last week I shared my latest makings.  Earrings.  I can't get away from them!  In fact, I love making them and I love how cute they are.  I have kept a few for myself, because I can.  And I do wear them often!

Do you like my packaging?  I've got a few little tweaks to make so they're just right, but overall I'm very happy with the end product.

I have a set of certain colours I'll make up as stock, but the range of colours in the DMC embroidery thread is huge, so if you wanted a pair in a particular colour, I'd be most happy to oblige.


29 March 2014

Full ON

Wow.  I am alive.  I have survived the last few weeks!  WE (my husband, my son and I) have survived the last few weeks.

SO, here's a short list of what I've been up to:

packed up stuff
sold a lot of stuff
cleaned everything else
organized a carpet cleaner
filled up a trailer
filled up two cars
had several trips to the dump
and several trips to the sallies
moved out of our flat
drove Christchurch to Te Anau
in the first packed car
learned of my brother's motorbike accident
drove Te Anau to Christchurch
saw my husband off to the US
drove Christchurch to Te Anau
in the second car
unpacked the car (still some unpacking to go if I'm honest)
stayed inside the gates of my parents home for 3 days in my pyjamas

I am in my pyjamas right now.  It's awesome.

I do not take all the credit for everything above, I had the help of: (well, it was more ME helping)

my husband - in everything, mostly keeping me from turning into a giant* stressball (* giant being the key word here)
my brother - for borrowing a trailer, driving from Dunedin with it and bringing it back loaded up
a friend - who helped clean and pack and everything else that happens on moving day
my brother in law - for babysitting (like a Champion) a worn out Little Lion and helping my husband pack and do dump-runs

My life has been intense lately and it's not something I'd recommend we do too often.

I could post here about why my husband went on the 24th and not all of us, but I'll be writing it down here in the near future, it's a kind of travel-blog we'll keep to journal our trip.

Crikey.  Massive.  Just massive.

Our last evening in Christchurch, on the summit road on the Port Hills.

The last photo I took of Roy, same location.

This photo was taken in Dunedin on the trip down south with just our Little Lion and I.  I saw the street-art and must have looked like a crazy driver when I quickly hooned into the closest park to get out and take a photo.

My little man.  He has been such a champion on our long drives without a lot of complaining and at 2 and a half years old I'm a very proud Mum to be able to say he used a lot of the public toilets and got to Te Anau with a dry nappy (he's 2 and a half, not me, but you probably guessed that?).

My brother who lives in Dunedin, was riding his motorcycle one evening and it turns out a car pulled out in front of him while my family was in Te Anau (the first trip).  He's ok - really I am sure there were angels holding him so tight and cushioned his 100kph fall.  He has a neck brace and a cast which will be on for the next 6 weeks and is also nursing 4 broken ribs.  BUT, he is ok.  Nothing broken that won't be healed.  Praise the Lord!

To be continued!


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05 March 2014

Finding a new creative outlet - Zentangles

Again, procrastinating or keeping my head sane, either way I'm enjoying myself when I put pen to paper...

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